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The Beauty of White Rock, the Ocean and making music!

Its been quite extraordinary to be able to have had a string sectional rehearsal over the weekend in the sub-penthouse of Foster Apartment building in downtown White Rock! Its been pretty spectacular to be making music with such incredible views as a backdrop!

We are busy preparing for our FREE open air sunset concert at 'The Commons' this Saturday evening 6.30 pm September 9th . The City Orchestra will be the first to play in this brand new public space which is the vision of the Foster Martin developers Landmark Premiere Properties Ltd who have co-ordinated and sponsored the entire event for our wonderful community!

Truly a glimpse of things to come and its so cool to be invited to break new ground and make beautiful music as the sun sets ! The third and final tower of the Foster Martin development 'The Landmark', is due to start construction in a few weeks time and we hope to be back rehearsing in the new building at some point in the near future!

Thanks again to Karen and Winston at Conyers Associates Realtors / Sothebys International CA for giving us access to the sub penthouse!

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