Established nearly 50 years ago, we are dedicated to providing classical music concerts for all to enjoy throughout our community. Every dollar that comes into our organization is spent on our commitment to musical excellence and serving our audience and community in the South Surrey , White Rock and surrounding areas. Typically, we put on a concert at Christmas time (which usually sells out!) and also offer a hugely popular concert in the Spring with music suitable for all ages and tastes.  


Our musicians come from very diverse backgrounds, and we  are proud to have players of all ages, of diverse race, religion, beliefs, orientation and gender.  We operate in a nurturing environment  where musicians not only develop their skills, but also mentor others,  expand their experience, confidence and education.

The Orchestra facilitates training, and provides equipment and facilities to its members

to enhance and improve their musical skills through rehearsals and concerts.

 About Us



We like to use  concert venues that are accessible and 'senior friendly' , and we  work with Care Homes so that residents may enjoy  a wonderful 'evening out' at our concerts!  We are particularly proud of our historic outreach to audiences for whom music is not normally accessible, and we have a long history of  playing in care homes and for those who  are hospital bound.  


We continue to explore opportunities to bring music

to all because of its great healing power. 


We believe that music connects us together as  a wonderful shared human experience. We are so grateful to the many people who volunteer their time. There are always plenty of volunteering opportunities available, and we would love to hear from you if you have any special skills that you would like to share. 

Please have a look at our volunteer's page for more info

as to how you can make a huge difference that will have

a lasting benefit to you and our community!




We  are advocates  for the performing arts in our community, and  we collaborate with local artistes. These include dancers, soloists, musical ensembles and other organizations to bring vibrance to our shows.  We like to keep it fresh!

We love to work with professional guests and soloists as our headline artistes . Please drop us a line if you are interested in a collaboration ! Our Music Director has done many arrangements for soloists and will be happy to discuss things with you in more detail.  


Board of Directors

Peter Koyander
(Double bass)
Paula DeWit 
(Music Director)
Rita Buchy 
Vice President        
Olivia Rhoddy
Don Miller
Bill Duncan 
Leslie McDougall
Martin Adcock
Past President          
Taric Somani
Student Representative 
(Bass Clarinet)
Phyllis Cole (volunteer)
Membership Registrar

.......its amazing what you can accomplish if you dont care who gets the credit

Harry Truman

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