Violin Players

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The Orchestra By The Sea!

                   We are currently building ALL sections of the orchestra for the season ahead, and would love to      hear from you if you are interested in playing with us! There's more information below, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

In particular there are positions available for experienced semi-professional players to act as Principals and give guidance and mentoring to sections ( please drop us a line expressing your interest and a brief  summary of your background and education)

The orchestra by the Sea!
The orchestra by the Sea!

The orchestra by the Sea!
The orchestra by the Sea!

The orchestra by the Sea!
The orchestra by the Sea!

The orchestra by the Sea!
The orchestra by the Sea!


Strings:          All  string players, in particular Violas

Woodwinds  Principal Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet

Brass :           Trombone, Tuba+ Horn

Piano:           General pianist (Grade 8 )

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Joining and Membership fees

We are a culturally diverse range of players, and we welcome all competent  musicians irrespective of race, ethnicity, orientation, religion, mobility or age. Anyone can join as long as they meet an acceptable musical standard. For musicians under the age of 18, we ask parents/ guardians to review and sign our 'Parental Approval Form' (please ask for details).

Fees are $150 for adults and $75 for students attending full time education (or who are under the age of 18). Annual fees cover January 1 to December 3,  and must be paid by the end of January . We rehearse on Saturday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30. To find out more about joining, simply drop us a line, and our Membership Registrar will answer any questions  you may have and guide you from there. It is an easy process and you will be made to feel  very welcome! 

Standard required

Generally, you will need to be a competent musician which we define as being RCM Grade 6 and above. Experience playing within orchestras is preferred (although not a specific requirement).


We do not require formal auditions. However, if you are interested in joining the orchestra, we usually will invite you to attend a couple of rehearsals to relax and meet our musicians.  There is no cost or commitment during the trial period. At the discretion of our Music Director, you will then be warmly invited to join the orchestra following your  successful trial period.


We put on two main concerts per annum. Our programs are always imaginative and diverse drawing mostly from favourites from the classical repertoire. We enjoy some wonderful collaborations with soloists and singers including Michelle and Monique Creber, the Kits Wings Harp Ensemble, Crystal Hicks, Ingrid Mapson.  Some images of past concerts are show on the right. 

Music programs


Our annual Christmas concert is a community favourite with sell out shows  featuring  seasonal classics such as Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, carols and festive favourites!

We also are proud to take our music into  the community and have for many years put on concerts at Peace Arch Hospital Weatherby Pavilion, for seniors who would not normally be able to access music.  We are proud to be White Rock's very own 'Orchestra By The Sea', and we have musicians who are both local and who travel from outlying areas to be part of what we do. Why not join us!

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Musician's Code of Conduct

We are a friendly bunch ! We do however expect our musicians to be kind, courteous and polite, and also to come to rehearsal prepared and practiced! Find out more by reading our Musician's Code of Conduct. 

.......if I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.      I often think in music

Albert Einstein

Rehearsal information - Due to Covid-19 we are currently not rehearsing

Despite the temporary challenges of Covid-19, we are looking to return to rehearsal as soon as possible and hope to pilot some practice sessions soon. In the meantime why not make an enquiry and join in our virtual projects!


General info

We normally start rehearsals for our Spring Concert at the start of our year in January and resume again in September working for our Christmas concert. There are no rehearsals though the summer months from mid June through August. 


It is a relaxed atmosphere where we work hard on our concert programs. We rehearse  on Saturday mornings  between 9.30 - 11.30  at the Freemason's Hall 15302 Pacific Avenue , White Rock, V4B 19P.


Musicians typically start arriving from 9.00 onwards to help with putting out chairs and the orchestras music stands (you don't need to bring your own stand unless you want to). We typically will take a short 15 minute coffee break around the mid way point and ask musicians to help put away stands and chairs at the end.


We enjoy playing and are a committed , hard working  and friendly orchestra  - drop us a line we'd  love to hear from you!

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Congratulations - your email has been sent ! We are really excited that you have asked about joining our orchestra and we will be in touch very soon.