Musician's Covid Protocol 

Our Guiding Principle is for all to minimise risk and create safe opportunities for our orchestra to rehearse and perform music. All participants in our rehearsals will be required to read and agree to the following Covid Protocol before attending. 


Attending rehearsals 

  • If you feel sick, have tested Positive for Covid, have symptoms,  or have been in contact with anyone with Covid in the past 14 days  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND REHEARSAL. Please follow BC  health guidelines at all times.



Attendance will be taken at each rehearsal and or function and you agree that you will report any symptoms of Covid that occur within 3 days of attending a rehearsal. The reason is that if any person does show symptoms of sickness during the following days, we have a register of all people attending and we will be able to get in touch with them. 


Please sanitize your hands upon entry and upon leaving the venue. Sanitization stations will be provided.


Music stands

Please bring your own music stand to rehearsal so as to avoid us multi - handling  WRCO stands, putting them out and collecting them afterwards.


Duration of rehearsals

  • Limited to 1 hour- start up at 10:00am

  • Arrive at the rehearsal hall no sooner than 10 minutes before rehearsal starts.

  • There will be no refreshment breaks


Wearing Masks

Masks are to be worn at all times during rehearsal and specifically whilst inside the rehearsal venue. There are specialist musician masks for brass and woodwind players.



Fresh, moving air is the best-known way to prevent the risk of infection from another person’s aerosolized droplets. For indoor events, we will do what we reasonably  can such as open the doors and windows and move air with air conditioning/fans to dilute any air borne droplets. 


Double Vaccination 

We will be following PHO double vaccination mandated policies. Currently there is no such order requiring vaccination passports for indoor events unless they are over 50 persons.  We do not wish to exclude anyone from rehearsals . We acknowledge that there are members of society who are not able to receive vaccines on medical, ethical, religious  and other grounds  (including personal choice which they have the right to exercise).  We have to consider the risks for all and we ask that for their own benefit:

  • Unvaccinated people attending rehearsals wear protective masks

  • Are tested regularly in advance of rehearsals

  • Do not attend rehearsal if they or their family feels sick.

  • That they attend rehearsal at their own risk


PHO guidance

  • If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay home and get tested immediately

  • If you have any concerns, do not participate at this time.

  • We will stay current with all PHO orders as they adjust from time to time.


Distancing and other preventative measures

We will practice social distancing for the duration of rehearsal including spacing of music stands. We ask that musicians: 


  • do not socialise inside the rehearsal venue 

  • do not bring beverages or food inside the rehearsal venue.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6ft at all times

  • Leave the venue in single file

  • Use hand cleansing stations upon arrival and upon departure

  • Members should wipe their chairs and music stand with wipes provided.



By signing  below you acknowledge that attending rehearsal during a global pandemic carries inherent risk of potential Covid transmission and that you agree to the terms of this protocol. 


I understand the risk and I still choose to participate in rehearsals at this time.


Signed ……………………………………………….


Name ………………………………………………..


Date ………………………………………………….

Revised August  23, 2021